(Mei Hua) Plum Blossom Divination Course

Course Price and Enrolment Details

Harmony Living with Environment Energy






  •  using current universe generated Qi
  • determine the current situation of an event
  • predict the outcome of that event
  • applying the divination skill and knowledge
  • analyses event
  • solve problems and doubts. 

Course Content

  • The uniqueness of [Mei Hua] divination method
  • 8 things must know for the divination
  • The formation of [Ba Gua] Trigram
  • Early Heaven Trigram and Later Heaven Trigram
  • [Ba Gua] Trigram and its related items
  • The 12 Earth Branch
  • The 5 Elements
  • The method to start the divination
  • Using the time to start divination
  • Using the uncooked rice to start divination
  • Using words to start divination
  • Using leaves to start divination
  • Using numbers to start divination
  • Using sound to start divination
  • Using people to start divination
  • Using other items to start divination
  • The principle of divination
  • The [Ba Gua] Trigram and its represent character
  • The divination of weather
  • The divination of individual event
  • The divination of job interview and career
  • The divination of residential property
  • The divination of buying and selling of property
  • The divination of marriage and relationship
  • The divination of lost item
  • The divination of sickness

Total 7 Lessons or 14 hours

Lesson will be conducted in

English with Chinese Feng Shui terminology.

English lesson will be conducted by

Master Andrew Tan 

Course note will be provided.

Certificate of achievement will be awarded at the end of this course.

How To Sign Up Your Course with SOCM

Your Info Needed for Enrolment to reserve a seat

  • your name
  • mobile number
  • course subject
  • course start date

Course Payment

  • by cash payment on course day
  • by cheque payable to School of Chinese Metaphysics
  • by Paylah fund transfer
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