Billy Yeo, 8th Intake, October 2006

I met Master Andrew after I was invited to one of his many interesting talks for the public to create awareness for Feng Shui.

As I went for the talk, I discover that Master Andrew is a very sincere people whom possess the passion for helping people through his knowledge of Feng Shui.

He is an exceptional Feng Shui Master whose knowledge is immense and his ability to help other is great. The best thing about Master Andrew is that he do not require that you purchase huge price tag items for cures and by doing this he is able to help even the middle and low income families.

His passion for helping others and his in depth knowledge and practical methods of practising Feng Shui is what attracted me to eventually learn from him. In his lessons, I learn a lot about myself and my family and how to actually approach various problems and challenging situation.

The opportunity given to me for learning Feng Shui from Master Andrew is really great and the benefits reap from his course is something that I can use throughout my life and is applicable where ever I go.

Thank you Master Andrew for selflessly imparting the knowledge you acquire to us !!!

– Billy Yeo, 8th Intake, October 2006

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