Danny Chua, 14th Intake, June 2007

Being a student of Master Andrew Tan was surely fate. Believe it or not, I came cross his News paper ads while doing “business”. Master Andrew is a dedicated master, his heart and soul for his student is beyond the sky. He always keep us updated through gathering, emails, sms..etc… even though we have graduated.
He has this exclusive for his student which you cannot find it else where. Calculating date and time of birth for new born. If you surf the net, this service cost up to $5000 per child. He does it for free, exclusively for his student only. I am one of the fortunate student.

After completing 3 module of the basic Feng Shui course, I have benefited tremendously and improved drastically over the past 3 years. Just can’t imagine what’s more if I pursue in the advance course.

Master Andrew, my heart felt thanks to you.
I salute you, Sir.

– Danny Chua, 14th Intake, June 2007

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