Janet Tan, 17th Intake, March 2008

I got to know Master Andrew from my friend who went for his Feng Shui class. She praised him for not trying to promote or sell anything and instead really teach truthfully about Feng Shui. I personally attended his Feng Shui and Ba Zhi classes after that. I also get a complimentary Feng Shui assessment for my 5-rm HDB when I volunteer it as a practical lesson.

Master Andrew is a very knowledgable teacher and he keeps his teaching as true to the theory and calculation as possible without promoting any or involve any religion. I admire his way of teaching as it was for the best of human mankind and not to depend any jewellery or ornament.

He teaches us to be a good person and also urges us to help others. I will be forever grateful to him and would recommend anyone who is interested to know more about his practise to learn from him.

– Janet Tan, 17th Intake, March 2008

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