Mei (Hougang Singapore) 21st Intake, June 2009

Dear Master Andrew and specially to all who is reading this,

I have keen interest in Chinese Metaphysics since young and have been reading up on feng shui and bazi for many years. But as the learnings from books were all theory and come from different schools of thoughts, the teaching was either too general or too complicated without explaining how things were derived. Worse still, some learnings conflict with others and I ended up being more confused than before as to which learning was right. I ended up guessing and wondering and was not the least confident to do my own feng shui or bazi and had to engage professional feng shui masters for advice and pay for every consultation in the end.

I have since attended many Feng Shui seminars and almost took up a Feng Shui course from a well known trainer in Malaysia. But the course fees was way too high for me to afford as I have intention to advance to the master course eventually. I came to know about Master Andrew this year through a friend who has attended his Feng shui course and was highly recommended. I took up Master Andrew’s basic Bazi and also basic Feng Shui course this year.
I am now in the intermediate Feng Shui class and I can assure that this was the best investment I’ve done as I am not one who will easily be convinced to spend money on seminars and courses without a good cause or proven results.

Although Master Andrew does not conduct his courses in beautiful hotels or expensive premises with nice settings, and possibly that explains for his low course fees that is affordable by the general public and novice learner like myself. However, his low course fees is certainly not compromising the knowledge that you gain from his teachings.
All the courses that I have attended so far were very enlightening yet lively with lots of laughter and the class group was fun and friendly! I made several friends along the way too.

The course pace and material was also relevant and easy to understand with many examples and case studies. Any questions were answered in clear and simple examples. I have finally had my guess work put into perspective and everything started to make sense. In just a few hours of the course, I learnt more than the books I’ve read all these years and seminars I have previously attended previously.

And after attending Master Andrew’s basic Feng Shui and Bazi course, I am already confident with my new found knowledge to see my own home feng shui and that of my close family and friends. So, naturally I have tried to put all of my learning into immediate action and I have experienced positive results with the changes made. I was amazed how my life and my family have improved, both personally and professionally. Not only I had a wonderful time learning and built a solid foundation and acquire the knowledge that will enable to practise and help myself and others in future, Master Andrew’s learnings are practical and he does not follow commercialised practice to buy expensive feng shui ornaments or turning one’s house into a temple instead. I also appreciate that Master Andrew spends time before class, during breaks and even after class to attend to our individual queries and problems.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Master Andrew for sharing his incredible knowledge and skills. Thank you, Master Andrew!

I was deeply impressed with your humbleness, kind heartedness, integrity and emphasising the need to be responsible with the Chinese Metaphysics knowledge yet not being obsessed or superstitious. The passion and energy that you have and the “unselfish” will to impart and share your knowledge is indeed respectable. Of all the Feng Shui masters and teachers I have met, you are the best I have ever encountered. Not only are your courses enlightening and your advice practical and effective, what amazed me about you is your humbleness with a very kind heart and your jovial character. You are truly a very good master and teacher, Master Andrew!

I will certainly continue to learn under Master Andrew and I would highly recommend his courses to anyone interested in learning Chinese Metaphysics from knowledgeable and respectable teacher like him.
Thank you once again, Master Andrew and Best Wishes to all!

Very Sincerely,
Mei (Hougang Singapore) 21st Intake, June 2009

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