Vincent Seet, 20th Intake, February 2009

I had attended the structured training programs on Bazi and fengshui, conducted by Master Andrew Tan since Feb 2009. Master Andrew Tan is very knowledgeable and is always keen to share the art and science of Chinese Metaphysics with his students. With his vast knowledge and experience, he is able and willing to impart his knowledge to his students. I find his teaching very systematic, clear and effective.

After learning from Master Andrew Tan, I am now able to conduct fate and luck analysis for my spouse, parent, children, siblings and friends. The fengshui knowledge that I had learned from Master Andrew Tan are very useful and beneficial. I am now able to enhance my wealth and achieve better harmony living with my family. I strongly recommend attending the structured training program conducted by Master Andrew Tan, if you are keen to learn Chinese Metaphysics.

– Vincent Seet, 20th Intake, February 2009

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