What is Qi?

Qi is natural forces related to time and space dimension. It cannot be considered as wind.
A strong wind will destroy the accumulation of qi.

Qi is created from both earth and heaven. Heaven qi is based on time dimension and Earth qi is based on space dimension. Heaven qi affects all lives on earth planet. Energies from gravity forces, cosmic forces and solar forces are categorized as Heaven qi.

Earth qi is the energy that affects us in our environment. Energies from magnetic field and electromagnet forces, including radio waves and microwaves are considered as Earth qi.

The entrance of a house is important as it allows people to enter the house with human qi, earth qi and heaven qi. For high-rise buildings like apartments and condominium, Earth qi travels into the building through entrance of the building and then reaches each floor of the building via lifts or staircases. This Earth qi also travels with people as they enter the building and go to their respective floors using the lifts or staircases.

Where opening of windows in the building is concerned, it allows only Heaven qi to enter into the building, but not Earth qi. However, the Heaven qi which enters into the building through the windows is limited.

In Feng Shui, the energies can be both positive and negative forces. Positive energy is known as Sheng qi and negative qi is known as Sha qi. Sheng qi enhances our health, wealth, career and relationship while Sha qi causes sickness, injury, legal dispute or misfortune. By practicing Feng Shui, we are able to tap on Sheng qi and avoid Sha qi.

Qi can be represented in Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches. These stems and branches can be described using the two important Feng Shui principles, which are Yin and Yang and Five Elements.

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